Lewis Cassidy Public School

Slotted-Z | 7,500 sqft

Meeting Design Intent with a Custom Slotted-Z

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Yeshiva Har Torah using slotted z with fiber reinforced polymer

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the architects at EwingCole requested a custom solution for the cladding support system of the Lewis Cassidy Public School project: a custom black Slotted-Z system, featuring ROCKETSticks, with a third row of slots. Engineered with precision, this third row of slots, at a 4-inch depth, was positioned to facilitate insulation securement, while offering the standard two supplementary rows for air and moisture ventilation. The innovative design not only enhances the building’s ventilation but also ensures optimal energy efficiency and structural integrity for years to come. 

This design approach demonstrates the project’s objective of achieving true rainscreen principles. By integrating a strategic solution to insulation and ventilation, the customized fiber reinforced polymer Slotted-Z system will prolong the life of the building envelope by reducing the risk of mold growth and provide comfort and enhance the air and comfort of the school’s occupants. Adhering to rainscreen principles and promoting continuous insulation, this solution enhances thermal performance while ensuring long term resilience. This cladding support system yields benefits in installation efficiency and labor optimization by using fewer materials while offering a sustainable approach to construction

The integration of ROCKETSticks for insulation securement was strategically engineered for functionality and innovation – a simple peg and slot insertion with no puncturing needed, minimizing the damage to the substrate and air and water vapor barrier. ROCKETSticks boast a versatile design that accommodates various insulation types and thicknesses, providing flexibility to construction projects of diverse scales and requirements. Their durable construction ensures longevity and a better thermal break, reducing the need for through fasteners at the building envelope. 

The Lewis Cassidy Public School project demonstrates tailored engineering excellence. Our custom Slotted-Z system, purposefully built for the project, enhances structural integrity while reducing labor costs and boosting energy efficiency. Embracing rainscreen principles emphasizes our commitment to sustainability and durability. The Lewis Cassidy Public School project showcases the profound impact of innovative engineering on the built environment, inspiring future projects to blend construction with sustainability.