Continuing Education

AIA Registered Course.

Unlocking Sustainable Design: Navigating Building Codes, Energy Efficiency, Thermal Resilience, and Rainscreen Assembly Strategies

Advancements in cladding support systems have led to improvements in both design and performance. The use of new materials and technologies have allowed for more efficient installation and maintenance of cladding systems.

Additionally, advances in cladding support systems have resulted in code forward thermal performance, increased building thermal resilience and reduced energy consumption and costs.

Learning Objectives

Define resilience and identify threats to our nation’s power grid and the effect buildings have on energy consumption.

Analyze the layers of rainscreen wall assemblies and their importance in building performance.

Explain how to improve energy efficiency sustainability of exterior walls & and review the effect of thermal bridging on wall assemblies.

Identify thermal effectiveness of common construction materials and those with superior performance.

Explore methods to attach exterior cladding that will improve thermal performance and cause less punctures to the waterproofing layer.

Design Insight Shorts.

Other Insights.

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