About us

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Our mission.

“To accelerate the advancement of smart building design & construction.”
rainscreen cladding system

Our Vision.

“To inspire building professionals and establish new limits in building design.”

Welcome to CLADIATOR®, a premier manufacturer of thermally isolated structural cladding attachment systems, like CL-300SLOTTED-Zand ECO-SILL. Our mission is to advance smart building design & construction with our innovative and engineered rainscreen cladding systems, incorporating thermal break technology.

For Architects & Engineers, our systems offer a simple yet robust solution, providing limitless creativity. Installers benefit from intuitive components, ensuring faster, cost-effective project completion.

Experience improved thermal efficiencies and superior rainscreen cladding systems with our universal cladding systems, engineered for sustainability and innovative design. At CLADIATOR®, we’re dedicated to continuous improvement.

Our Values

rainscreen cladding system


Making Ethically & Globally Responsible Decisions
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Preserving Long-lasting Relationships
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Always Challenging Our Limits
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Take Pride in Our People & Our Products
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Demonstrate Accountability for our Actions

Our History

With over 35+ years of experience installing distinctive high-rise facades all over the United States, CLADIATOR® entered the national building facade market in 2018 (then under the brand name CL-TALON) with a new class of rainscreen cladding support system that has raised industry expectations.

This smart, quality engineered system offers architects maximum design flexibility and engineers one universal solution to suit all types of materials and installation orientations. Equally as important, installers are provided with a safe, quick and accurate installation method for multiple applications.

Our commitment to the industry now extends to manufacturing an entire line of patented support systems for interior and exterior applications. These cleverly engineered support systems are opening future opportunities for creative, efficient and globally responsible design across North America.