Seamlessly Install Thermally Efficient and Revolutionary Windowsills
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ECO-SILL is a revolutionary thermally broken fiber-reinforced polymer window trim that enables exterior insulation integration, promotes natural ventilation, adheres to rainscreen principles, and streamlines the window installation process by utilizing the interior and exterior frames, minimizing caulking and installation times.


A Product That Pushes the Envelope

Waterproofing - Water and Air Leakage Elimination

Precise fitting and sealing techniques prevent water infiltration and air leaks, safeguarding against structural damage and maintaining the window’s integrity over time.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency and Durability

Thermal efficiency plays a pivotal role in windowsills, influencing both the performance and sustainability of buildings.

Optimal Air, Moisture, and Natural Ventilation

Proper air and moisture ventilation in a windowsill is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of building structures.

One-of-a-Kind Design and Aesthetics

All windows and shapes and needs of the building vary from project to project, and having design flexibility is important.

Streamlined Installation

ECO-SILL is manufactured to fit into the exterior and interior frames of all square and rectangular window frames, saving installers 75% of their time and money on material cost.


Enhanced Functionality and Aesthetics

ECO-SILL is a thermally isolated windowsill designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Its benefits span from waterproofing and thermal efficiency to natural ventilation and visual appeal.

From a waterproofing perspective, ECO-SILL significantly reduces the need for future maintenance on cladding and windows, ensuring cost-effectiveness and ease of upkeep. This long-term durability makes it a practical choice for architects and engineers focused on sustainable design solutions.

In addition to its waterproofing benefits, ECO-SILL excels in thermal efficiency. Minimizing heat transfer through well-insulated windowsills is crucial in modern construction to reduce reliance on mechanical heating and cooling systems. By incorporating Eco-Sill, arhchitects and contractors can create energy-efficient, comfortable spaces. This not only lowers energy bills but also promotes sustainability, contributing to healthier and more productive environments while prioritizing cost savings and environmental responsibility.

Integrating natural ventilation into window designs facilitates airflow, promoting fresh air circulation and maintaining optimal indoor air quality. This enhancement not only boosts occupant health and well-being but also reduces reliance on artificial ventilation methods, contributing to environmental sustainability. By incorporating well-ventilated windowsills like ECO-SILL into designs, architects and contractors can enhance building durability, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall occupant comfort and well-being.

Moreover, ECO-SILL offers an affordable alternative to real wood, metal, and stone sills. It can be customized with multiple colors to match the building’s style, whether it is ornate, minimalist, modern, or traditional. This versatility makes ECO-SILL a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for a wide range of architectural designs.