625 Fulton Street’s Foundations Reach Street Level In Downtown Brooklyn

Construction is set to go vertical on 625 Fulton Street, a 35-story mixed-use tower in Downtown Brooklyn. Designed by Fischer Rasmussen Whitefield Architects and developed by Rabsky Group with $450 million in construction financing from Madison Realty Capital, the structure will yield 1,098 units, 26,000 square feet of retail space, and a parking garage for up to 250 vehicles. Galaxy Developers is the general contractor for the property, which is bound by the 34-story 80 DeKalb Avenue to the north, Fulton Street to the south, Rockwell Place to the east, and Hudson Avenue to the west.

Excavation was still ongoing at the time of our last update in early April. Since then, the building’s foundations have progressed steadily and are now built up to street level. A small section of one of the cores is in the process of being formed along the southwestern corner of the lot, with bundles of rebar protruding in preparation of the imminent concrete pour.

A ramp has been built along the party wall of 80 DeKalb Avenue, likely to serve the proposed parking garage component.

625 Fulton Street will rise from a multi-story podium topped with a landscaped roof deck featuring a tennis court, a children’s playground, and various seating arrangements. The tower will have a L-shaped massing with two distinct façade designs. The western-facing wing will be enclosed in floor-to-ceiling glass behind a large grid of white paneling, while the taller eastern portion of the tower is shown clad with a tighter, earth-toned grid surrounding its windows. The building culminates in a glass-cladded extension surrounded by landscaping.

The residential program includes 342 studios, 492 one-bedrooms, and 264 two-bedroom apartments. It was last announced that 30 percent of the homes will be designated for affordable housing.

A revised completion date for 625 Fulton Street has yet to be announced, though sometime in mid-2024 is possible.


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